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Aashin overseas consultant Pvt Ltd.

Aashin overseas consultant Pvt Ltd.

  • Posted on : Sep 12, 2021
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Aashin overseas is the team of highly qualified and educated people working as human resource consultant of Nepal. It is the leading and highly recommended human resource consultant of Nepal. It was established in 2016 under liscense no. 1235|074|075. Aashin overseas strictly works for the people seeking for employment opportunities nationwide and worldwide. We have been placing the various categories of manpower in SaudiArabia, Malaysia, UAE, Quatar, Kuwai, Israelt, Bahrain, Singapore, New Zealand, Macau, Hongkong, South Korea, Cyprus, Saipan and other government authorized countries . From the establishment as well as human resource inside the country . Our clients and customers are highly satisfied with our professiponal services.



The management team at Aashin overseas are highly qualified, educatied and experienced in their respective areas. Each members have been given differen responsibilities in areas like communication, public relations, foreign affairs, knowledge resources and marketing. Our management team has good correspondence with extensive international experience in the field of ‘Foreign Employment Consultant’. Our main focus is to look for the right people for the righ job and guide them in the right path of their career. We focus more on our customers satisfaction. We act as the right gateway for those who are seeking an opportunity for their right career. Until our clients are not satisfied with our work, our works are never finished thats what separates us from the other human resource recruitment agency.

Why Aashin overseas consultant?


  • Aashin overseas consultant Pvt Ltd. is dedicated to providing trustful, industrious, disciplined and healthy workforce to overseas employers.
  • We are obliged to provide support and service to our clients regarding the workforce not just before and during recruiting process but also after hiring of the workforce.
  • Aashin overseas consultant Pvt Ltd. chooses the respective candidates through vigorous testing hence can provide finest manpower to is clients. • All procedures and formalities for recruiting workforce are simplified and made hassle-free so as to ensure smooth operation between client and agency.
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Sinamangal-9, Kathmandu, Nepal


+977 1 4469912, 4469913

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