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Araniko Overseas (P.) Ltd.

Araniko Overseas (P.) Ltd.

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We Araniko Overseas is a recognized firm for Manpower Recruiting from Nepal under the Labor Ministry, License No: 267/058/059. We are Araniko Overseas are driven by the ideologies of this highly successful consulting and believed that your need for highly professional, Skilled and unskilled manpower are equally matched by our team of experts in assessment of their suitability in the drivers positions in the echelons of the organization. We have been supplying Nepali workforce In different parts of the world basically Saudi Arabian, Qatar Oman, Bahrain, Israel, Malaysia, Since a decade.

We as a provider of professional recruitment service clearly understand the points of views of both the employer and the employee. We maintain an up to date comprehensive computerized database as well as advertising in popular National daily newspaper and the network of a local sub- agent (who brings the peoples from their home town), With a large database of quality professional and experience of over a decade in the manpower recruitment and supply Industry gives us the cutting edge in providing the right personnel for the right industry. Also the overwhelming demand from the present and previous clients has initiated us to star rendering our services to its best levels. Our constant effort into the needs of our clients have led us to attract specialized manpower in operation & maintenance, Engineering Project Management, Health, Janitorial, Industry  manpower from highly skilled to unskilled level which we are confident would meet your requirement in every respect. Interviews are conducted by professional of difference disciples, trade test, if required, are carried out at well recognized technical institution.

Address: P.O. Box: 8975, EPC 2516, Kupondol, Kathmandu, Nepal

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Phone: +977 1 5010657, 5010658, 5555365

Mobile: +977 9801041946 / 7


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P.O. Box: 8975, EPC 2516, Kupondol, Kathmandu, Nepal


+977 1 5010657, 5010658, 5555365


+977 9801041946 / 7

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