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Protech Nepal Employment Pvt. Ltd.

Protech Nepal Employment Pvt. Ltd.

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We, Protech Nepal Employment Pvt. Ltd. Dedicated manpower recruiting company established in Nepal. Since our founding, we have been locating, choosing, hiring, and supplying various degrees of workers to firms abroad. We are a reputable personnel recruiting firm with years of expertise. In Nepal, Protech Nepal Employment Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable agency for hiring labourers.

With the labour we have offered, every single one of our clients has been delighted. We always work to find the appropriate personnel in accordance with the employer company’s requirements. Depending on the needs of the business, we have received everything from highly skilled labour to semi-skilled and unskilled labour. To many businesses in Japan, Dubai, Malaysia, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and other nations, we have been offering staff.

Our Protech Nepal Employment Pvt. Ltd. hiring procedure entails and is completed in the following eight steps, which are also those recommended by the Nepalese government.

Step 1: involves asking the company about its current requirements and presenting the CVs of qualified candidates from our database.

Step 2: You and the company must sign a popular recruitment provider agreement.

Step 3: Obtaining an official letter of demand from the company, which the relevant government agencies, such as the chamber of commerce, the ministry of foreign affairs, and the embassy of Nepal must attest.

Obtaining pre-permission for a demand letter and publishing it in a national daily newspaper are steps four and five, respectively (as a part of the required rule of exertions department, Nepal)

Step 5: Arranging interviews with candidates through company representatives (through SkypeTM or telephone) and obtaining offer letters from candidates who were chosen.

Step 6: Sending the whole application package, including the clinical health certificate, the certificate of police clearance, Give the employer a signed copy of the letter and your passport so they can process your visa.

Step 7: Processing for hard work and obtaining permits from the agency clearance or final approval from the international employment bureau.

Step 8: Informing the employer of the hard work clearance and recruiting and rallying candidates to join the air-price tag.

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Address: Gogabu-6, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977 1 5906923, 5904951
Email: [email protected]

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Gogabu-6, Kathmandu, Nepal


+977 1 5906923, 5904951

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