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Sagun Overseas Services Pvt. Ltd

Sagun Overseas Services Pvt. Ltd

  • Posted on : Feb 29, 2020
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Sagun Overseas Services (P.) Ltd’s image is based on five pillars positioned in the shape of an “M” in a three- dimentional way, signifying “Manpower” – the management of manpower, which is the business we are in. The five pillars represent the “Pillars of Trust”:

– Responsible Organization
– Reliable in Client Focus & Care
– Responsive to Needs Delivered through collective teamwork
– Rapport and deep relationship with Clients
– Respect for Individuals
Sagun Overseas Services (P.) Ltd. Always ensures the right development of the right person for the right job. Here is where the services of Sagun Overseas Services (P.) Ltd. come in.

Address: Po Box No: 323, Dilli Bajar, Kalikasthan-32, Nepal
Phone: +9771-4440146 / 4417530
Mobile: +977 9851113226
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
License No: 396/060/061

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Po Box No: 323, Dilli Bajar, Kalikasthan-32, Nepal


+9771-4440146 / 4417530


+977 9851113226

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