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Samyog Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

Samyog Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

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Samyog Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is Nepal’s top human resource consulting firm.

Looking for a reliable human resource consulting organization that can cater to your needs globally? Samyog Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is here to assist you with their extensive experience and dedicated professionals. As a licensed organization by the Government of Nepal (License No. 976/0671068), we take pride in providing top-notch services to our clients and companies worldwide.

Years of Experience and Expertise

With one decade of experience in the international market, we have successfully placed numerous Nepalese workers in various countries. Our well-qualified and experienced professionals ensure our clients receive the best services, earning us unmatched laurels.

Manpower Supply and Talent Bank

We, Samyog Overseas Pvt. Ltd provides different categories of manpower, including unskilled labour, semi-skilled trade persons, hotel and hospitality staff, security guards, and more to Gulf countries. Our dedication to this field has supplied LOCIO Nepalese workers to various companies for over a decade. Our progressive and professional track record has made us one of the wealthiest treasure houses and a one-stop resource bank for the best talent.

Commitment to Quality and Satisfaction

At Samyog Overseas Pvt. Ltd., we prioritize our client’s satisfaction and ensure all expectations are met with the utmost care. We coordinate every task to ensure a comfortable and seamless process from when you assign us the job with legal authorization until the project completes. We promise the highest quality of our services and the most competitive price in Nepal.

Why Nepalese Workers?

  • Recruiting Nepalese workers is a straightforward process with simple formalities.
  • Nepali labourers are loyal, diligent, disciplined, and dedicated.
  • They have a high sense of responsibility and adaptability to new conditions.
  • Nepalese workers have experience and familiarity with extreme climatic conditions.
  • They are comparatively more cost-effective, and their hiring cost is lower than other labour-exporting countries.
  • Nepalese workers are laborious, dedicated, and have a high degree of devotion towards their work.
  • They are peace-loving and graceful in nature.
  • Among the manpower-exporting countries in the region, Nepal offers the most competitive salary, terms, and conditions of service.

Get in Touch With Us

We provide overseas employment and help our clients find the right candidate for their needs. Contact us today for prompt responses to your every query. Samyog Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is your ultimate partner in human resource consulting in Nepal.

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  • Lic.No: 976
  • Company: Samyog Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
  • Address: Kathmandu-35, Tinkune, Nepal
  • Phone No: +977 4112398 / 4112399
  • Fax No: 4112399
  • Owners: Mr.
  • Mobile:
  • Website:
  • Email Address:  [email protected]
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Kathmandu-35, Tinkune, Nepal


+977 4112398 / 4112399

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