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Sugam Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

Sugam Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

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Sugam Overseas Pvt. Ltd: Your Reliable Manpower Recruitment Agency in Nepal

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and cost-effective solution to your HRD and personnel needs in Nepal, look no further than Sugam Overseas Pvt. Ltd. As a leading manpower recruitment agency in the country, we take pride in providing our clients with reliable and qualified solutions either from our extensive database or through our creative advertisements and comprehensive search and selection process.

We can fill your HRM, IT, marketing, financial management, and construction workforce needs.

Licensed and registered by the government of Nepal to conduct international recruitment services, we strive to understand our client’s goals and needs and match them with the right talent to achieve successful results.

Our Company Profile

Name of the Company: Sugam Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Registration Authority: Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Office of the Company Registrar
Company Registration No.: 68443/066/067
Ministry of Labour & Employment, Department of Foreign Employment, License No.: 838/066/067
Ministry of Finance, Department of Internal Revenue, PAN No.: 303967226
Member: Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies, Nepolian Health Care Center Pvt. Ltd.
Board of Directors: Mr D.P. (Dilip) Bhattarai (Managing Director), Mrs Saru Bhattarai (Executive Director)

Working Experiences: Comprehensive background in implementing and accomplishing the company’s mission by working at an extensive level in a senior management capacity for years in national and international organizations & overseas employment business fields.

Why Choose Sugam Overseas Pvt. Ltd.?

High-quality, affordable solutions
We know your firm needs qualified and trustworthy workers. We provide cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality.

Experienced and professional team

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in various industries, ensuring that we match the right talent to your recruitment needs.

Government-licensed and registered

As a government-licensed and registered manpower recruitment agency, we adhere to strict regulations and standards to ensure our clients receive only the best service.

Comprehensive database and search process

We seek and pick suitable people from an extensive database to fit your recruiting requirements.

Personalized approach

At Sugam Overseas Pvt. Ltd., we take the time to understand our client’s goals and needs and provide personalized solutions to ensure successful results.


Sugam Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is your reliable partner for all your recruitment needs in Nepal. Our cost-effective solutions, experienced and professional team, and personalized approach ensure that we match the right talent to your recruitment needs.

Contact Details

Address: Tokha-10 Samakhusi (Ring Road) Kathmandu, Nepal
Mobile: +977 9841596513, 9813492755
Phone: +977 1-4986106/4987183
Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],

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Tokha-10 Samakhusi Kathmandu, Nepal


+977 14986106/4987183


+977 9841596513, 9813492755

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