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Sunera Nepal Incorporated Pvt. Ltd.

Sunera Nepal Incorporated Pvt. Ltd.

  • Posted on : Mar 30, 2022
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Sunera Nepal Incorporated Pvt. Ltd is a duly licensed and accredited recruitment agency in Nepal with the Department of Foreign Employment, Ministry of Labour & Transport Management, and Government of Nepal with License No. 367/059/060. Established in 2002, Sunera Nepal Incorporated Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Manpower Agencies in Nepal. It is located in Pinglisthan, Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepal, the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country located in South Asia. With an area of 147,181 square kilometers (56,827 sq mi) and a population of approximately 27 million, it is located in the Himalayas and bordered to the north by China and to the south, east, and west by India.


In 2015, Sunera Nepal has gone through a wide-range transformation to increase its market presence and pave the way for its transition, and further improve its operational excellence. Sunera Nepal has a team of a professional, sophisticated, energetic, and experienced team to provide valued service to its clients. Sunera Nepal is committed to providing a high level of quality for all range of services, in a manner that conforms to our Principal’s requirements and expectations. Thus, we have partnered with various affiliates throughout South Asia including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. We are currently supplying manpower requirements to various employers in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc.


We have a total of 14 years of experience and our organization has achieved its goal by recruiting thousands of workers including professional, skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled for reputed establishments, and gained a very good reputation.

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Govt. License No. : 367/059/060
Company Regd. No.: 23033/059/60
Address: Maharajganj 03, Basbari, Kathmandu, Nepal PO Box No. 19023, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Phone: +977 1 015908134
Email: [email protected]

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Maharajganj 03, Basbari, Kathmandu, Nepal


977 1 5908134, 5908135


+977 9851002973, 9823791223, 9851311227

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