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  • Posted on : Nov 29, 2020
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AROUND THE WORLD SERVICES (P.) LTD is one of the reputed recruiting agencies in Nepal. (AWS) is a private sector overseas employment agency (License No. 103/054/055) which is registered and licensed by the Ministry of Labour, Nepal. This is an authentic agency fully authorized by the Ministry of Labour, Government of Nepal to supply workers all over the world. Till now this Company has been successful to satisfy the demands of many Gulf countries in the Middle East for their manpower requirement.

We have been and are supplying various categories of Nepalese Manpower to our clients ranging from professional to unskilled labour according to the specification and satisfaction of the clients to the authorized countries by the Government of Nepal for recruitment of Nepalese manpower through our legal Nepal employment agency. The company always conducts interview to select the qualified and the best candidates and pays its full attention to satisfy the demanding. No complaints from the employing countries regarding the services given by this agency have so far been received. In order to promote a good relationship especially with the employing countries, our main attention is always to provide the best service to the employer. Given an opportunity to us we will sure prove our capability to meet your expectations.

AWS was conceived and planned by Mr. Dan Bahadur Tamang, Managing Director of this company. He has served in managerial post in different International Non-Governmental Organizations of USA and UK for more than 10 years.
This agency has the following objectives:
 To support Government of Nepal to minimize its unemployment problem to some extent by providing job opportunities to Nepali people in foreign countries, and
to fulfill the need of employers by supplying healthy, honest, professional and competent human resources to meet their objectives.
 This company is fully committed to provide highly professional and competent services to make a substantial difference in manpower supply sector.
 To focus on the upliftment of the basic living standard of the socially discriminated group of people and to provide a better & reliable source of remittance to the nation.

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Address:G.P.O. BOX 8975 E.P.C. 7260
Kuleshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone : (977) 1 4272080, 4301359
Fax : (977) 1 4272082
Email : [email protected],
Website :

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G.P.O. BOX 8975 E.P.C. 7260 Kuleshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal


+977 1 4272080, 4301359

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