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International Manpower Recruitment (P) Ltd.

International Manpower Recruitment (P) Ltd.

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With lots of cutting edge International Manpower Recruitment (P) Ltd. associated with highly capable executives and staff, who have had earned a vast knowledge in recruiting business after successfully guiding and supervising high caliber of personnel in other recruiting companies. All the executives and staff are will versed, cultured, humble and well behaved of perfection in job.

International Manpower Recruitment (P) Ltd.. is situated at Balkumari Lalitpur, far from glamorous and chaotic city hub, facilitating the valued foreign clients and candidates as well as peaceful environment and easy access to the airport.

Though the company is not very large, yet its office has got all the amenities/ facilities to serve satisfactory to its valued foreign clients and the candidates.

Ethical and Responsible Manpower Agency in Nepal

Balkumari Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel: +977 5204346, 5204347
Fax: +977 5202472

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Balkumari Lalitpur, Nepal


+977 5204346, 5204347

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