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Jobs Global.Com Services Pvt. Ltd.

Jobs Global.Com Services Pvt. Ltd.

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We are proud to be represented in most recruitment destinations across the globe :

  • Our Vision:

    To become the first global recruitment solution to both job seekers and employers expanding to many more job markets, creating a new standards in the industry, aiming to be the world’s major skills exchange bridge.

  • Our Experience:

    Our experience started in UK and developed in starting our first office in Middle East in 1999, our high standards and quality human approach being one of few companies who offer many services free for job seekers and working hand in hand with regional governments and governmental organizations to provide 1st line recruitment services counseling for multinational corporations. That made us to be distinguished away from competition and made governments as well as companies consider us their sole or first choice, and that contributed strongly to our expansion to many regional and international countries providing our local and international recruitment services in and between those countries as well as human resources consultancy and training.

  • Our Technology Support:

    Over 4,000,000 registered applicants enjoy our free online job search services, and our own advanced social media platform, providing the most advanced online recruitment/ job search technologies, linking easily the right job seekers to the right employers.

  • Employers Most Advanced Online Recruitment Services: offers employers abilities to create totally free their career sourcing page with ability to convert all of their CV files database into a very advanced searchable resume database totally free with lots of free tools including online screening (create your own easy screening templets) shortlisting, contacting, chat, history …. Also you may communicate with any candidates who follow your career page. Access to over $4,000,000 resume database search Unlimited free job posting reaching millions of users in your local targeted area and worldwide.

  • Established on the year 1999, we grown to be the largest International recruitment source worldwide.
  • WE ARE NOT BROKERS, being the only company in the industry which fully owns its offices around the word currently in 15 countries.
  • The special governmental support to our quality services in many countries, driven by our high standards and support to local job market needs and care for individual needs.
  • Being the only legal access to several international recruitment markets, holding the only related license in those countries.
  • The only company in our industry which has the capacity to handle fully through its own offices large scale recruitment projects, sourcing, handling, processing.
  • own professional training centers and schools in several countries, providing job seekers with skills to match employer’s needs.
  • Very advanced processing and control systems linking all offices, very efficient IT system as well as a huge advanced indexed database.
  • Being very popular to job seekers online, providing so many thousands of quality jobs worldwide monthly with quality attention to helping jobseekers in guiding and helping them building the right career, this is very noticeable on social media with extremely large number of fans on our facebook and other social media pages.

Address: PO. Box. 23080 Panipokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone:+977-01-5907240 / 5907280 / 4002624 / 4002625
Email: [email protected]

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PO. Box. 23080 Panipokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal


+977-01-5907240 / 5907280 / 4002624 / 4002625

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