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Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, Luna HR Solutions is an employment service company. We offer opportunities to individuals and corporations to change the way they operate in the fickle world of human resource. We are dedicated to this creed, forever striving in this trade, to help organizations find the right resources. As a company that bases itself upon principles and strategies, we work under certain international procedures to ensure professionalism as well as to provide efficient recruitment to companies in the Middle East, South East Asia and the West.
As a thinking company, Luna HR Solutions understands perspectives that guide all business and this helps us find a way and the drive to work in mainstream overseas employment scenario. As a company that is spread to many parts of Nepal and India, Luna HR Solutions offers employers a wide category of efficient labor power. Whether it is temporary or contract recruitment, Luna HR Solutions is always at the forefront of providing exceptional manpower within all deadlines.

Owing to our excellent network of office spread all across the country finding the perfect manpower solutions becomes an easy task. This, of course, is also due to our selection process that perfectly shortlists great candidates for specific jobs. The focus of our work is on raising productivity through improved quality, efficiency and cost-reduction across their total workforce, enabling clients to concentrate on their core business activities. We understand that our job requires us to always be on our toes, constantly vying for solutions but with this sense of understanding we move forward, providing nothing but the best. This understanding governs our policies and our intentions in serving our clients.


Address: Bhimsengola-34, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: 977 1 4110391, 4110394

E-mail: [email protected]


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Bhimsengola-34, Kathmandu, Nepal


977 1 4110391, 4110394



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