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Naukri Nepal Recruitment Services Pvt Ltd

Naukri Nepal Recruitment Services Pvt Ltd

  • Posted on : Dec 15, 2020
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Naukri Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is the manpower company established in 2002. Naukri Nepal committed to provide a reliable service to our clients, involves raising economic base of the kingdom of Nepal. Our commitment is to solve the unemployment problem of Nepal. Naukri Nepal is always felt to deploy various categories of manpower to multinational company which aid in raising the economic standard of candidates as well as nation.

Among more than 500 Nepalese manpower agencies. Naukri Nepal is one of the fastest growing manpower companies regarding the supply of ample manpower collected from various sources with its quality service and prompt working style. It has branch offices in each development regions of our country.

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Address: P.O.Box: 23321, Gongabu, Kathmandu, Nepal
(Tel): +977-1-4362686, 4385786
(Mob): +977 9801059994, 9801059997, 9855046574
Email: [email protected]

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P.O.Box: 23321, Gongabu, Kathmandu, Nepal


+977-1-4362686, 4385786


+977 9801059994, 9801059997, 9855046574

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