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United International Manpower Pvt. Ltd.

United International Manpower Pvt. Ltd.

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United International Manpower Pvt. Ltd. is a dedicated recruitment agency company based in Kathmandu,Nepal. We recruit capable Nepalese manpower solutions for international companies from Nepal, but also cooperate and coordinate with recruitment/ placement agencies and companies all around the world.

It is to be understood that since ages, Nepal has been affluent with various kinds of master workers and craftsmen who are held as loyal,diligent and hardworking. In the past decade,there has been a rapid growth in education and resources for vocational training to establish a higher education system and skilled workers in the country. Thousands of educated, workers with high qualification or full-time professional training backgrounds are ready to be a part of the solution for any company aiming to reach the pinnacle of success.

Hence, United International Manpower Pvt. Ltd. has made a keen effort to establish and provide a collection of Professional, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled personnel for various companies. Owing to our specialized, strict, diligent and responsible working attitude, as well as high effective teamwork spirit, experience, and the network throughout Asia, Europe and other regions, we are confident to provide quality services and satisfactory cooperation to our clients.

Our mission it to provide our clients the best service with smile, professionalism and integrity. At the same time, we do have a through of improving the quality of life of Nepalese willing to risk abroad under unfamiliar circumstances. It acknowledges its social responsibility and extending a helping hand to its clients not only during the recruitment process but all throughout the duration of the employment up to the time the workers returns safely in the comfort of his/her family. On the other hand, we are dedicated to satisfy all out clients with superior quality service resulting in quality applicants with our excellence, leadership and integrity in the industry. Our mission also includes building the strength of out organization, our people, our management team, our financial resources to achieve continuous growth and profitability for our company.

United Manpower Agency Pvt. Ltd. Upholds the principles of Integrity, Quality Service, Industry, Creativity and Professionalism for our Clients, our Staff, and our Community. We see ourselves as being a premier global Human Resource Staffing solutions provider and a leading overseas recruitment agency. This has been realized through the implementation of strong strategic alliances with domestic and international offshore partners and partner branches operating in different parts of the world. United Manpower Agency Pvt. Ltd. has created a bridge for the rest of the world for a borderless search and placement business model where candidates can be sourced and placed wherever the best employee-employer match be found, worldwide. United Manpower Agency Pvt. Ltd. Envisions to solve our client’s needs by offering manpower, staffing and manpower, staffing and recruitment services for overseas locations.

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Address: Pulchowk,Lalitpur, Nepal

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Pulchowk,Lalitpur, Nepal


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