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We are extremely delighted to introduce ourselves as one of the reputed and progressive international recruiting agencies in Nepal which is playing a vital role in Overseas Recruitment Process. We are without a doubt, one of the leading management and manpower consultancies. Our office is located at the very heart of Katmandu city, just 2 kilometers away from the Tribhuvan International Airport. This organization has been registered on 20th July, 2000 at the Labor Department Ministry of Nepal.

We could supply various categories of workers like professional, skilled, semi-skilled, un-skilled, Hotel Staff, Construction, Agricultural, Scaffolder and Security guards. Above mentioned categories worker can be deployed from Nepal within the shortest possible time. With eleven years of successful track in Human Resource Development, we are a reputed leading force in the field. Our biggest advantage over any other recruitment agencies’ in Nepal is that we conduct Skill Test & Trade test after our training and we have a very high ratio of quality job placements overseas.

Even in this growing scenario of unemployment, we have successfully placed more than 10,000 skilled candidates overseas till date.

Recruiting new employees can be an expensive and stressful process for almost all the companies because hiring process uses up huge resources, yet rarely offers any guarantees of hiring the suitable candidate. Every employer completely recognizes the value of skilled candidate who are suitable for the vacant position that can drive their business forwards and lift the bottom line. Every company`s hiring team face a stressful task when it comes to guaranteeing a flow of skilled candidate into the business, and ensuring they employ people who are suitable for the vacant position and the culture of the company. In some job markets, where employers are rivaling each other for the most talented and experienced worker, hiring process turns out to be significantly more troublesome. In any cases, employers need specialist help with their hiring process. Utilizing Recruitment agencies in Nepal to attract and identify talent can relieve a huge amount of stress. This agency help companies with finding the suitable candidate they have to move forwards, bring them to interview, and make sure about their services are within the company`s budget. While there are numerous ways accessible to help employers source and hire, manpower recruitment agencies are as still crucial to numerous companies. Regardless of whether you are hiring for a myriad of jobs consistently or a company searching for particular talent, there is manpower recruitment agencies for everyone. But first before hiring through a manpower recruitment agency, it may be a good idea to know how the agency could benefit your company. So here are some benefits of hiring through a manpower recruitment agency-:

A manpower recruitment agency saves your precious time

Hiring new staff is a long term process and requires a lot of time. As an employer, your time is your valuable assets, so by allowing a manpower recruitment agency to control your hiring needs, you can have more time to focus on the everyday tasks of your company. While you may know best what you need from a fresh recruit, recruitment agency is more than matching a suitable candidate to a job. For any one vacant position, you may need to filter through many CVs, and then narrow this list down to few suitable candidates. There are also many tasks like, screening, interviews and reference checking every candidate. Numerous companies don’t have the time to do this. The right manpower recruitment agency can effectively source, phone screen and get ready competitors, before they meet you for a final interview. As you will just focus your efforts on screening a few skilled candidates, your hiring process turns out to be considerably more smoothed out. Generally speaking, you are saving your precious time and gathering suitable candidates in the most efficient way.

Manpower recruitment agencies publicize jobs

At times when employers advertise vacancies, they don’t receive applications of the required type. They are searching for a suitable candidate with specialty skills; however the CVs they get just don’t hit the mark. Frequently, this is down to poor advertising; the high-type candidates they need basically don’t see the advert. What’s more, in the event that they don’t know about the job opportunity, they can’t go after that vacant position. The advantage of Reliable manpower agencies in Nepal not just publicize vacancies – both on the web and on the high street – however they effectively search out skilled candidate who fit the job description. Manpower recruitment agencies may establish direct contact with skilled people they know, having helped them get a new job previously, and welcome them to apply for the job. A few experts probably won’t be actively searching for a career change, yet your vacancy could simply entice them.

Recruiters have the necessary hiring skill set

This point may seem like an easy decision, however remember that recruiters are trained to give you access to top candidates. They must know the recruiting market inside out and to know best how to pass the vacant position to suitable candidate. Their market-specific knowledge and information will guarantee that candidates know about the competitive opportunities and benefits your company offers. Some recruitment agencies have a proven history of matching clients with skilled candidates, so it is worth doing your research prior to deciding on an agency. Your agency of choice may as of now be working with a top candidate who is searching for their next desired job. A skilled recruiter will consistently analyze both this candidate’s cultural fit and hard skills for the vacant position before making a hiring decision.

Recruitment agency delivers interim professionals

Utilizing a manpower recruitment agency gives companies the advantage of expanding or diminishing their employee levels as needed. They can identify professionals for full-time, permanent jobs, yet additionally people appropriate for interim jobs. It is possible that emergency cover is required for a missing employee or worker, who has gone off sick or left at short notice. Or on the other hand a employer might be worried about a lack of employee for a new project or activity that is getting in progress. Recruiters have candidates on who are eager to get down to business, which means there is no time wasted getting these professionals up to speed.


Nowadays, employers don’t have to do it alone, with regards to hiring. The benefit of a manpower recruitment agency can support companies and businesses access the skills and experience they need, eventually, without using up a lot of money. This allows employers to save time and money related assets to help drive the business forward. Trusted Manpower agencies in Nepal not only saves you time and cash, but they additionally have the important skills to guarantee you are making the best hiring choices. Complex recruitment practices, combined with the competitive job market, mean that manpower recruitment agencies are required more than ever. But before partnering with a recruitment agency for a long-term, make sure to thoroughly research every one of your options.

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